This is right time to work for empowerment of women and increases their moral. Looking at the current strata of the socially and economically disadvantaged women there is lack of awareness and facility in the field of health, hygiene and education. The women from this community are much more behind the level of empowerment. As this community are still in the era of “Bhurka” & “Ghungat” system.

Target Group

Victims of domestic violence, widows, deserted women, divorcees, landless laborers, urban slum area women, unskilled and disadvantage women from rural areas, self help group (SHG) etc.


Top Stories

IT Literacy Program

Pragatee foundation make an arrangement of training it literacy program & typing skill development program in its authorized training center.Successful student will honored by two certificates one from Pragatee Foundation & Nasscom Foundation. More

Skill Development Program for Women

Pragatee Foundation and aadhar skill development trust has been successfully started women skill development program in various parts of Mumbai.Successful student will honored by two certificates one from Pragatee Foundation More


Latest News

Launching Uddan Project Hon. Gurdian Minister Thane District Ganesh Naik

The Foundation celebrating 8th annual day on Sunday 14th July 2013 at Vishnudas Bhave, Opp. Vashi Bus Depot., Vashi sharp at 11:00 a.m. More

Pragatee-Revaj Beauty & Spa Academy

Pragatee foundation also lunching women’s first Pragatee-Revaj Beauty & Spa Academy on auspicious occasion of 8th foundation day celebrations & annual fund raising charity show...More

महिला सक्षमीकरणाच्या दिशेने प्रगती फाऊंडेशनचे “उड्डाण”

राज्यातील पिडीत महिला, आर्थिकदृष्ट्या कमकुवत असणार्‍या महिला / निराधार अल्पसंख्य वर्गातील महिला आणि मागासवर्गीय अल्पशिक्षित अशा महिलांना सक्षमीकरण करण्याच्या हेतूने . More

Cabinet Minister Hon. Dr. Varsha Gaikwad discussing project Uddan

Cabinet Minister of women & child development Govt. of Maharashtra Hon. Dr. Varsha Gaikwad discussing with pragatee Foundation team for implementing ambitious project “UDDAN” – Flying Towards Self-Reliance for empowerment of poor and needy women...More



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